Jonathan A. Frost

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October 15, 2013

Over 35 years of professional aviation experience in aviation operations, in mishap and accident investigation, and in aviation safety, including air traffic facilities management, commercial pilot, and flight instructor. Included is proficiency as an airframe and aircraft hydraulics specialist, mechanical engineer, aircraft power plant engineer, and power generation gas turbine engineer.


  • Graduate, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida. Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics.
  • Graduate, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Graduate, Burnside-Ott Aviation Training Center, Miami, Florida. Pilot training: commercial, instru­ment, multi-engine land, and flight instructor, 1980.
  • Graduate with Honors, Senior Enlisted Academy, Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, Rhode Island. Management, communication skills, and national security affairs.
  • Graduate Naval Air Technical Training Center, Millington, Tennessee
    • Mechanic Fundamentals
    • Aircraft Familiarization, and Aviation Structural Mechanic courses 1971
    • Control Tower Operator course, 1981
    • Radar Approach Control Operator course, 1982
    • Air Traffic Control Facility Management and Terminal Approach Procedures course, 1988.

Air Traffic Control

Airport and Air Traffic Control Facility Management, 8 Years

  • Senior Chief Air Traffic Controller in Charge of Bermuda, UK Air Route Traffic Control Center managing over fifty controllers.
  • Coordinated the scheduling of all special-use airspace operations in the Bermuda region to ensure safe integration of air carrier and military operations.
  • Negotiated many operational letters of agreement between Federal Aviation Administration and government agencies of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Supervised FAA flight inspections of Air Traffic Facility equipment.
  • Organized International Air Traffic Users Conferences; developed agendas, chaired meetings, and mediated between chief pilots of major air carriers, domestic and foreign government agencies, and members of airport management.
  • Oversaw the planning of two major airfield-construction projects.
  • Coordinated the maintenance of runways and navigation-aids.
  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge of Brunswick, Maine Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility managing over forty controllers.
  • Collected and analyzed data for investigating aviation operational mishaps to improve air-traffic safety. Such tasks included researching FAA regulations, writing technical reports, transcribing voice recordings, and charting radar plots.
  • Member of two aviation safety-councils; recommended policy and procedural improvements of aviation operations to top executives to improve flight safety.

Air Traffic Controller, 6 Years

  • Supervisor twenty-eight controllers aboard the USS Coral Sea; Carrier Air Traffic Control Center (CATTC) Supervisor
  • Worked high tempo aircraft carrier air traffic operations.
  • Managed fifteen controllers as a facility watch-supervisor and control tower chief.
  • Operated the control tower and radar-approach-control facility for military-jet-base.

Aircraft Mechanic, 10 Years

  • Naval Air Crewman: C-118B (DC-6) Aircraft.
  • Aircraft mechanic and quality assurance inspector on transport and tactical jet aircraft.
  • Serviced, disassembled, inspected and repaired airframe and engine components at organizational and intermediate levels of maintenance.
  • Specialized in hydraulic, pneumatic, flight control, and environmental systems.
  • Experienced in flight control surface replacement and flight control system rigging procedures including cable and hydraulic control systems.
  • Participated in operational testing and troubleshooting of aircraft and engines following major maintenance events.

Mechanical Engineer, 12 Years


  • Wrote design engineering changes for commercial aircraft engine components which included revising engineering drawings and providing design substantiation to meet FAA certification requirements under appropriate Federal Air Regulations.
  • Performed root cause investigations on gas turbine-engines to improve engine efficiency, to provide corrective action for assembly process improvement, and to provide cost reduction through engineering-design change initiation and validation.
  • Provided engineering support to engine manufacturing, assembly, and test operations.

Senior Mechanical Repair Engineer

  • Senior engineer and PW F100-220 engine repair program lead for worldwide repair activity.
  • Interfaced with gas-turbine component-repair vendors to obtain source qualification and licensing agreements including process reviews and quality audits.
  • Familiar with ISO 9000 certification standards.
  • Created comprehensive military engine repair program plans, provided proposal support, identified distress modes, and performed trending analysis to identify military engine repair requirements.
  • Military Repair Group Liaison between U.S. and International Air Force customers to define and prioritize repair tasks requiring development.

Production Test Manager

  • Production Test Business Unit Leader responsible to the vice president of manufacturing for all aspects of aircraft engine test and production output.
  • Managed 29 employees including engine test technicians and mechanics.

Combustion Turbine Mechanical Engineer

  • Graduate, Florida Power & Light Group University School of Quality (provided by Breakthrough Management Group International), Green Belt Certified, Six Sigma DMAIC methodology for technical process improvement, 2009.
  • Subject Matter Expert in combustion troubleshooting and tuning Dry Low NOx (DLN) Combustors on GE7241FA and Siemens 501FD Gas Turbines.
  • Conducted Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for off specification operating conditions, for non-conforming components, and for component upgrades, which included risk evaluation for execution of countermeasures to failures while considering safety and environmental factors.
  • Developed processes and statistical analysis tools for building advanced software for combustion component failure prediction.
  • Engineered and wrote processes for developing and maintaining Combustion Dynamics acoustic monitoring systems.
  • Wrote numerous “Letter of Instruction” for a fleet of over 50 heavy duty gas turbines to improve cost, reliability, and safety of operations.
  • Conducted root cause analysis of mechanical failures on heavy duty gas turbines.

Special Accomplishments

  • Awarded Navy Commendation Medal for superior leadership.
  • Awarded three Navy Achievement Medals for outstanding job performance.
  •  Selected Sailor of the Year in 1986, ranked number one of over 3,500 aboard the USS Coral Sea.
  • Commercial Pilot; completed over 1,100 flight hours of flight-time as a commercial pilot. Instrument-rated in single- and multi-engine airplanes.
  • Flight Instructor; completed over 700 flight hours of instructing student pilots in Piper and Cessna aircraft.
  • President, board of directors for Navy Flying Clubs in Brunswick, Maine; Key West, Florida; and Keflavik, Iceland.