Frost Air Aviation LLC provides mentoring services for non-career pilots.  While there are many aviation sites available, most are tailored to promote careers in aviation and could be overly complex and intimidating to a new pilot. C172

With this in mind, Frost Air Aviation LLC strives to promote safety through confidence and insight.  It is here for the low time pilot who needs the talents of over thirty years of professional aviation experience, including: Aviation operations; mishap and accident investigation; and aviation safety. In addition to work in air traffic control management; included is commercial pilot and flight instructor experience with hundreds of hours teaching student pilots. Further expertise includes 10 years as a Navy airframe and hydraulics specialist, 12 years as a mechanical engineer with in-depth knowledge of power generation gas turbines, and experience as an aircraft power plant engineer. more...

This site is dedicated to pilots who choose to fly for pleasure.  It focuses on basic VFR flying and strives to strengthen the new pilot's knowledge to instill insight that will increase confidence in your piloting skills to make flying experiences safe, stress free, and enjoyable while operating in today's complex aeronautical environment.

 If you have something to contribute or need help with an aviation subject please feel free to call or send an email and tell us how we can help you.