Adam "Oz" Osborne - Consultant


Adam Ozborne

Adam has over thirty four years of demonstrated leadership experience within military and civil aviation and air traffic control. He has been successful in the planning, executing and supervising of air traffic control, joint service air command and control, and airspace management operations and planning at local, national and international levels. Through national and inter-national conferences and committees, Adam's operational and planning expertise has been used to assist in the development some of the critical Next Generation (NEXTGEN) Air Traffic Management (ATM) baseline documents that the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) produced in support of the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration. Adam currently is the Lead Senior Department of Defense Automation and Adaptation manager at the Department of Defense "Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) Operational Support Facility (OSF).

Adam provides clients with civil and military air traffic control and air traffic management systems subject matter expertise to develop operational and technological solutions to current and Next Generation air traffic control and airspace management challenges. He has a vast amount of experience in Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration air traffic systems as well as the joint FAA/DoD Next Generation (NEXTGEN) airspace and air traffic control future aviation and air traffic management systems. He has experience and expertise in leadership of cross-functional teams and has demonstrated organizational performance and project management skills at many levels of government.

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