A key factor to understanding complex case scenarios is experience and insight into the aerospace industry. Without the breadth of experience in the areas to be analyzed, intuitive recognition of factors that could affect the outcome of a case is difficult and elusive. Frost Air Aviation LLC possesses the experience necessary to provide this insight into complex cases where customary aviation experience may fail.

With integration of practical experience to enhance aviation acumen, FAA brings the following to the table:

  • Aviation Expert Witness
  • Investigated Alleged Jet Blast Incident at LAX
  • General Aviation Operations
  • Flight Instructor and President of 3 Military Flying Clubs
  • Managed Military Flight Operations in Domestic and OUTUS (Outside US) Airspace
  • Manager ARTCC Bermuda
  • Integrated Domestic and Foreign Air Carrier Traffic with Military Operations
  • Special Use Airspace Coordinator
  • Scheduling Authority for Off Shore Warning areas in support of Major Maritime Combat Exercises
  • Conducted Operational Mishap Investigations
  • Air Traffic Control Specialist
  • Worked High Tempo Control Tower, Approach Control, and Aircraft Carrier Operations
  • Completed Courses in ATC Management and Terminal Instrument Approach Procedures
  • Air Traffic Automation - Expert Resources
  • Air Traffic Facility Management - Managed people, procedures, and schedules
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Conducted Engineering Investigations and Root Cause Analysis for Gas Turbine Engine failures
  • Manufacturing Production Test Manager for General Aviation Power Plants

Frost Air Aviation LLC integrates these special relationships and experiences in a number of aviation subjects that will significantly contribute to achieving insight and promote discovery of obscure facts needed to promote favorable outcomes for most aviation related cases.

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